What if you enjoyed your ATS?

A CRM & ATS built for the speed of Agency Recruiting with simplicity that you'll actually appreciate.

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All the tools you need

And nothing you don't

  • Contact relationship management
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Chrome extension

How It Works

  • 1

    Add contacts from LinkedIn

    Engage with your network directly from LinkedIn. Add notes, tags, and reminders via our Chrome Extension.

    Add contact linkedin
  • 2

    Visually identify candidates

    Visually rediscover high potential candidates, and resurface candidates that can be a great match for new positions

    Contact profile
  • 3

    Custom Projects or Pipelines

    Create custom "drag and drop" hiring stages that match the unique way your organization tracks and hires candidates

    Create custom pipelines

Take it for a spin

And never feel like you work for your CRM again. 

  • CRM

    Cur spatii congregabo. Raptus, talis solems aliquando imperium de alter, albus boreas.
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  • ATS

    Ecce. Cum ausus studere, omnes demolitionees acquirere castus, dexter ignigenaes.
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  • Chrome Extension

    Calceus de germanus cannabis, amor tata! Sunt diatriaes consumere rusticus, altus decores.
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